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Knitting Projects > Child's Knitted Button-Up Poncho with Free Knitting Pattern

I had 2 skeins of this gorgeous Lion Brand organic cotton yarn that needed a project.  My mom swears that ponchos are back "in" so I decided to knit my 5-year-old a poncho she can wear in the Spring.  Keep reading below for the free poncho knitting pattern....

I wrote this pattern as I knitted the poncho - so if you have any problems with it - please let me know!  I used Lion Brand Organic Cotton Yarn and 4 1" buttons.  The buttons are for decoration only and are not functional - the poncho slips on over the head.  Here is the free knitting pattern for a 4-6 year old:

Gauge = 13 sts/4” in St st.
Size 10 needles
Lion Brand, Nature’s Choice organic cotton yarn
Fits 4-6 year-old

Cast on 60 Sts. 

Garter stitch for 1” ending with a RS row.

Next Row and All WS Rows: K5, Purl until 5 from end, K5

Row 2: (RS) K15, M1, PM, M1, K15, repeat to end (66 sts)

Row 4 and all RS rows: K to Marker, M1, PM, M1, repeat to end

Once you get to 114 Sts, do increases every other row 4 times.

Continue straight in St st for 1” (remember to do the 5 sts of garter stitch at each end)

Begin garter stitch for 1” for bottom edge.

Bind off and weave in all loose ends.  Overlap the front edges and sew on 4 buttons.

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