Modern and Trendy Craft Ideas

Welcome to the best source for modern craft ideas, free knitting patterns, kids craft ideas and arts and crafts.  We feature new craft tutorials frequently with new unique ideas for crafts that can be unique gift ideas or simply your own keepsakes.  We have a wide variety of crafting sections from upcycling crafts to knitting and sewing.  We are a mother-daughter team with over 70 years of crafting experience!  We love unique ideas and making things that can be given as gifts.  We have experience in sewing, beading, knitting, pottery, painting, paper crafts, and many other areas!  Have a look around and find a tutorial that will help you make the perfect craft.

Craft Inspiration

Sometimes we just need a little inspiration to come up with the perfect craft idea.  Looking at beautiful photos of crafts that have been made is the perfect source of inspiration.  Browse through the crafts on this site and see what you are inspired to create!

Handmade Gift Ideas

Handing someone something that you have made is special.  Children especially love coming home from school just to hand their parents something they have created as a gift.  Created a gift with your hands makes it personal and custom and the gift recipient will love the effort you put into the gift.  Modern Crafting is filled with handmade gift ideas that are perfect for any occasion.

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